Merewether Uniting Church

The Merewether Church Providing for the Community People of Newcastle I would like to let you know that the Merewether Uniting Church is a great place for the locals to gather. Whether you go for a feed or to join in the fun activities held by All Sorts. It’s a must do for anyone looking …


Life and The Search for Meaning

Almost from the day, we are born, we are conditioned to pursue credible goals and achieve ambitions. As we go about this challenging existence, we are confronted almost endlessly with “roadblocks” or threatening moments that demand we look twice and question why we make certain decisions.  The path of life for many people is very stressful but rewarding as they …

5 Steps to Improving Yourself

Do you want to succeed and be happy? Firstly, stop comparing yourself to other people. They may appear to be happy but they may just be good at portraying a happy successful life. You don’t truly know their circumstances. What you see isn’t always real.