5 Top Fishing Spots in Newcastle

Fishing is a great hobby for all ages and is a great activity to do with friends and family. Fishing is also a great way to relax and it can help people who suffer from depression. Newcastle has some top fishing spots for the everyday angler and those new to the sport. Here are my five top fishing spots around Newcastle – check them out and then leave me a comment below. So this weekend, grab a rod and hit the harbour happy fishing.

Nobbys Beach

A top spot for a bit of beach fishing under the light house. Use a beach rod and you could find a battle on your hands, with monster Kingfish, Salmon or maybe a Jewfish.

Horse Shoe Beach

Early morning is the best time to fish the Horse Shoe, and you don’t even need a beach rod. It’s a great spot to take the family fishing. Flathead and Bream can be found as well as the Luderick.

Honeysuckle (Newcastle Harbour)

The fish are always biting in Honeysuckle and there are plenty of spots to cast a line. The fish range from Tailor, Bream, Flathead plus Whiting, Octopus, Puffer, – fish n Squid.

Throsby Creek Carrington

The Marina in Carrington also is a great spot to catch a free dinner, with a mix of fish to catch. Around the jetties and boats you could find Bream, Flathead and even Jewfish but watch out for the horrible Hairtail.

Kooragang Island

Definitely an angler could spend the whole day fishing the Island, a little hard to find but certainly worth the trip. With loads of Flathead, Whiting, Tailor and even Bream.

By Dan

Australian Salmon Bream Flathead Whiting
Tailor Kingfish Mulloway (Jewfish) Luderick
Squid Octopus Hairtail

Fish Images: © State of New South Wales through NSW Department of Industry.


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