Bond, James Bond

The James Bond movie series focuses on a fictional British Secret Service agent created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming. Fleming featured Bond in twelve novels and two short stories. Since Fleming’s death in 1964, eight other authors have written authorised Bond novels or novelizations. Below is a list of all the James Bond 007 movies, the year they were made and who played 007 himself.

1962 – Dr. No – Sean Connery played Bond

1963 – From Russia with Love – Sean Connery played Bond

1964 – Goldfinger – Sean Connery played Bond

1965 – Thunderball – Sean Connery played Bond

1967You Only Live Twice – Sean Connery played Bond

1969On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – George Lazenby played Bond

1971Diamonds Are Forever – Sean Connery played Bond

1973Live and Let Die – Roger Moore played Bond

1974The Man with the Golden Gun – Roger Moore played Bond

1977The Spy Who Loved Me – Roger Moore played Bond

1979 – Moonraker – Roger Moore played Bond

1981For Your Eyes Only – Roger Moore played Bond

1983 – Octopussy – Roger Moore played Bond

1983Never Say Never – Sean Connery played Bond

1985A View to a Kill – Roger Moore played Bond

1987The Living Daylights – Timothy Dalton played Bond

1989Licence to kill – Timothy Dalton played Bond

1995 – GoldenEye – Pierce Brosnan played Bond

1997Tomorrow Never Dies – Pierce Brosnan played Bond

1999The World Is Not Enough – Pierce Brosnan played Bond

2002Die Another Day – Pierce Brosnan played Bond

2006Casino Royale – Daniel Craig played Bond

2008Quantum of Solace – Daniel Craig played Bond

2012 – Skyfall – Daniel Craig played Bond

2015 – Spectre – Daniel Craig played Bond

Which is your favourite Bond movie? and who is the best James Bond?

Please leave your comments below.

By Nathan.





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