12 Chocolate Facts

Mixed Chocolate

1. White chocolate isn’t technically chocolate as it contains no cocoa solids or Chocolate liquor. Generally a good white chocolate will be ivory in colour not white.


2. The world’s largest chocolate bar weighed 5,792kg (12,770 pounds) it was 4 metres long (13ft 1.48 inches) by 4 metres wide ( 13ft 1.48 inches).


Chocolate Bite

3. Eating dark chocolate reduces the risk of heart disease by one third.


4. There’s a pill that makes your farts smell like chocolate.


5. Chocolate is the only edible substance to melts around 93°F that is why it melts in your mouth.


6. When it comes to coughs, chocolate is more effective then codeine.


 7. Chocolate does not raise blood cholesterol levels.


8. 400 cacao beans are required to produce a pound of chocolate.


Chocolate bars9. The Snickers chocolate bar is the best selling chocolate bar world wide.


10. Allergies to chocolate are uncommon.


11. There is approximately 8 insect parts in a regular bar of chocolate.


12. The smell of chocolate increases Theta brain waves that trigger relaxation.


By Nathan


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