Ten Tea Tidbits

1. All Tea comes from one plant called Camellia Sinensis.


2. Darjeeling tea is called the champagne of tea. About 400 ton is sold annually, but only 100 ton comes from Darjeeling.


3. ‘A Summer Cocktail’ contains cold tea, gin, lemon rind and a little ice.


4. India tea is the most drank tea throughout the world, but it came from China originally.


5. If you use slightly moist tea leaves around the house, it will prevent mosquitos.


6.  Oolong tea has a fruity aroma and is referred to as ‘Dragon’s Tea’.


7. Theanine is found in tea leaves. It is a Stimulant & Antioxidant.


8. Tea has half the caffeine of coffee.


9. Ashwagandha tea is a stimulant that helps improve your sex life.


10. The Americans invented the teabag in the early 1800’s.


By Debbie


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