Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Business.

As a result in the growth of Social Media popularity many businesses now have their own profiles and accounts across many platforms. Social media allows for instant contact to a business, product reviews, and general news about the business. If you have a bad experience, either with a staff member or with a product, many people will get on social media and write about it. As a result social media can either make or break a business; below are some do’s and don’ts for running a social media account for a business.


Know your customers

  • Your Social Media page should be tailored to your customer base. They want to know what you can do for them. Post stories that they can relate to. Follow the 80/20 rule, that is 80 % of or content, or more, should be relevant to them, while 20 %, or less, can be specifically about your business, products or service

Be active

  • Be active on your page but don’t post so often that you can overwhelm or annoy people. Too much information can cause your followers to stop following your posts and your posts could get lost within their news-feed and they won’t see the content that could be valuable to them.

 Maintain one voice

  • Social media is great for sharing, but make sure your message is clear and consistent across all channels. Have just one or two people in charge of posting for all social media platforms.

 Be original

  • Take a chance and be creative with your posts. Help people see what makes you different from the competition. When your main goal is to bring in customers, you have to stand out and make people remember you, so allow some of your own personality to shine through.

 Provide great customer service

  • Great customer service can make or break a company. Happy customers are more likely to return and establish a loyalty to your brand. These customers will also be your best brand ambassadors by word-of-mouth advertising.

 Understand which platform(s) are best for your business

  • Just because everyone else seems to be on Facebook doesn’t mean that you need to be. Social media isn’t one size fits all. Find what works best for you and just use that one. If you want to drive traffic to your site or improve your customer engagement, then Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest might be a better fit.


Connect with everyone

  • Just because someone follows you, doesn’t mean that you have to follow them back. Before you follow back, think how it will reflect on you. Is this someone who would represent you and your business in a good way if customers saw that you were associated with them?

 Forget to network

  • Just as you would in real life, always work to make connections and grow your brand by networking and building quality relationships on social media.

 Forget about privacy settings

  • You use them on your personal profiles, so do the same with your business. Taking care of privacy settings also includes protecting your passwords. Make sure all sensitive information is set at private.

 Be spammy

  • Nobody likes spam, if you are constantly posting the same information over and over you risk annoying your customers and they won’t return or pay attention to your posts.

 Ignore comments

  • With no engagement, customers may feel as if you don’t care about their question, comment or concern. It all comes back to customer service. Don’t ignore relevant comments. Use them as an opportunity to interact with your followers and show them how you address positive and negative situations.
  • If a member of your social network says something negative, address them rather than censor them. In extreme cases, this might not be possible, but for the most part, your transparency will show a sincere concern for your audiences opinions and in turn may endear more members to your cause.

Rely on automation

  • You lose the personal touch with customers if it sounds like a computer is speaking to them. Always remember customers respond to kindness and conversation. Make your business seem warm and inviting and customers will have nothing but good things to say about your business.

If you enjoyed this post be sure to check out my post on the do’s & don’ts for your personal social media and leave me a comment below.

By Gab.






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